Plants play an invaluable role in the goings on here on planet Earth. Here, we highlight just why plants are this world’s prized green gems.

If you’re looking for someone with a great depth of knowledge about the state of our oceans, Carlos Duarte is your guy.

Established in December 1946, UNICEF has ensured that the wellbeing of children be built into its very DNA, especially when it comes to education.

While it’s easy to fall into the usual trap of environmental news doom-scrolling, the power of computers could draw a roadmap towards a greener future.

Since our first ancestors emerged in Africa millions of years, ago, the human story has been one of migration. Unfortunately, climate change may make it become a necessity rather than a firm choice.

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Spotlight - People

Groundtruth tells the story of three sisters with a passion for travel who turned to making a real difference in the world of sustainable travel.

Our oceans are the battlefield to a conflict, and Sea Shepherd stands up to the plate as a defender of marine life, no matter where it may be. We speak to Chris Storey, Director of the Portuguese branch of Sea Shepherd about how he came to work for them, his beliefs on changing the way we fish and much more.

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