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Scottish Power launches 100% green tariff

Scottish Power has launched a 100 per cent green energy tariff, marking it out as the first integrated energy company in the UK to shift completely to wind generation.

All its new domestic fixed price tariffs will now be supplied by 100 per cent green electricity from UK windfarms, with ScottishPower windfarms generating enough green electricity to meet the average needs of 1.5m homes.

The tariff is the latest step in ScottishPower’s campaign to support the UK’s transition to a zero-carbon future. This follows the sale of all its fossil fuel projects in 2018 to focus on developing its onshore and offshore wind farms and solar power projects. ScottishPower has said it will reinvest money made from the new green tariffs in further renewable generation.

The move comes in the wake of research by consumer group Which? that shows that with more than 100 renewable energy tariffs currently on the market many suppliers are in fact “pale green”, claiming to offer renewable energy without ever actually investing in renewable energy projects.

Instead they are exploiting an industry loophole to get their “green credentials” buying cheap renewable energy certificates to match the electricity supplied to customers, while actually buying the power from another, often non-renewable, source.

Energy regulator, Ofgem said earlier this month that it is aware of the problem and will take action to ensure that consumers are not misled by greenwashing in the energy market.

Launching the new tariff, Keith Anderson, CEO of ScottishPower said: “With an increasing number of green tariffs in the market, it’s important that consumers understand how ‘green’ their tariff is in terms of supporting the UK renewables industry. This isn’t about playing games with bits of paper or certificates.”

“As well as cleaning up the environment, we want to clean up how green energy is sold. My concern is that too many customers think they’re buying renewable electricity, when all they’re buying is a renewable certificate.”

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