Electric Mini on the road

Ovo Energy offers free green miles

Mini and Ovo Energy are joining forces to offer 5,000 free green miles to buyers of the new Mini Electric.

By switching to Ovo’s EV Everywhere package, owners of the British-built EV will get electricity for their first 5,000 miles charged at home for free. The EV Everywhere bundle uses 100 per cent renewable electricity to reinforce customers’ desire for zero-carbon living. The offer also includes free Polar Plus membership, providing unlimited access to the UK’s largest EV charging network of over 7,000 public charging points, in addition to the free miles from home charging.

Once signed up to the offer, Mini Electric drivers who charge their cars at home will receive a discount of £11 on their bill each month for the first year of their tariff. Over a year, this adds up to the equivalent of 5,000 free miles for drivers charging their car off-peak on Economy 7, or 3,300 free miles for those on the single-rate version of the tariff.

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