mobile with map of various charging stations with an EV plugged in

Polestar and Plugsurfing make charging easier for owners

Polestar, the electric performance sub-brand owned by Volvo, has joined up with public EV charging service Plugsurfing to ensure that Polestar owners don’t need scores of apps and cards to access charging points in the UK and across Europe.

Deliveries of the company’s Polestar 2 saloon start in the next few months, with customers having access to 195,000 charging points through the Plugsurfing deal.

Polestar drivers will be given an RFID tag with their car. Use of the tag will mean owners won’t need to download apps from, or open accounts with, the numerous different public charging suppliers as the Plugsurfing service offers the ability to charge with a number of different providers including eon and Ionity.

In addition, the Plugsurfing network has been integrated within Google Maps in the Polestar 2 so that owners can easily see where the nearest Plugsurfing charge point is.

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