mazda mx 30 driving past glass fronted buildings

New MX-30 crossover will ‘electrify’ drivers, says Mazda

Mazda has released more details about its forthcoming crossover MX-30 SUV – it’s first all-electric vehicle – which goes on sale early next year.

Mazda says the MX-30 has been designed to be fun to drive and more engaging than other EVs currently on sale.

The Japanese carmaker has taken a slightly different approach to other carmakers.

Rather than prioritise range Mazda decided to keep the weight of the car down to maximise its fun factor.

Mazda argues there are sustainability advantages of keeping the battery size small in order to reduce CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of an EV.

Up to now, with electric cars, it has usually been the case that the bigger the battery, the better the range. This is why heavier, longer electric cars have tended to have a greater range; but the trade-off is increased weight which can have a detrimental affect on the way a car can feel to drive.

Mazda claims that to ensure driver engagement and to avoid the high kerb weight of many EVs, the MX-30 has a battery size that’s ‘perfectly considered’ for the opposing demands of whole life CO2 consideration, performance, range, charging times and weight. In reality the car has a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery with a potential range of 124 miles.

Will this fun-first approach work for them? Who knows. Though Mazda’s not the only manufacturer to take this approach. Honda has just done the same with its e EV which also has a lower range.

But for Mazda it was vital that the MX-30 offers the same kind of man-machine-as-one feel – what it calls Jinba Ittai – as it’s most famous MX-5 sports car. Which is why keeping the weight down, as the battery is small, is valued so highly because the car will almost certainly be one of the most engaging electric vehicles to drive.

Full UK pricing for the Mazda MX-30 range will be announced later this year. Order books for the First Edition MX-30 are now open. UK customers can reserve a car for just £800 for delivery early in 2021.

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