A close up of the electric charging unit with children's drawings on

Children help Seat paint a brighter way to charge your EV

Seat has recruited UK school kids to brighten up EV charge points in the hope that it might help motorists feel more positively about them.

A survey of 2,000 UK drivers sparked the campaign.

The survey found that fewer than half of UK motorists want a public electric vehicle charging point installed on their road, but found this increases if they were made more attractive.

Seat asked UK children to submit designs inspired by what they thought electric cars could look like in the future and the positive effect on the environment EV adoption will have.

The resulting design – a mosaic of drawings created by children – is intended to inspire EV adoption and increase acceptance of the coming electric vehicle infrastructure.

So far the design has been installed on a single charging point in Milton Keynes.

The design will be rolled-out across Seat and Cupra’s UK retailer network as additional electric vehicles are added to their line-ups. These will include the Seat Mii electric, New Leon PHEV, as well as the Cupra Formentor and el-Born.

The mosaic is made up of ten individual designs, with sketches selected from around the UK by kids aged 3-13 years old.

Among the selected designs are a vibrant planet of trees and electric cars, designed by Isla (age 10), a picture of a charging plug surrounded by animals drawn by Max (age 8), and an electrifying SEAT-branded charging point by Jude (age 5). The mosaic also included designs sent in from Charlotte (age 13), Freddie (age 10), James (age 5), Laszlo (age 6), Matilda (age 7), Matilda (age 8), and Rory (age 3).

According to the survey, Londoners and drivers from the North East are most likely to consider public charge points to be an eyesore and are more apprehensive about having them installed on their street; representing 35 per cent and 34 per cent of motorists in those areas respectively. The research suggests drivers from the East Midlands are less sceptical as only 21 per cent of drivers believe charge points are ugly.

The design is truly inspirational as we know the next generation are more focused on sustainability issues than ever before.

Richard Harrison, Managing Director, Seat UK

There was a stark difference between age groups: 60 per cent of 25-34 year-old motorists would want a charger on their road compared to just 37 per cent of over 55s. Asked if they would welcome a charger on their road if they were made to look more attractive, the figure for both age groups increased by around 10 per cent.

“The design is truly inspirational as we know the next generation are more focused on sustainability issues than ever before,” said Richard Harrison, Managing Director, SEAT UK. “We hope that this means that more people will look to electric vehicles in the future and will support the continued growth of EV infrastructure.”

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