Lucid Air

Lucid Motors unveils luxury electric Air saloon

Californian-based luxury EV company Lucid Motors has unveiled its production Air saloon; a 1065bhp electric luxury performance EV with a claimed 517-mile range.

The Air model – which is coming to the UK in right-hand drive and can be pre-ordered now – is the first of a number of electric vehicles from the start-up manufacturer.

Launched yesterday via a global web broadcast from its Silicon Valley headquarters; deliveries will start in spring 2021, though UK delivery dates are not yet known.

Lucid claims the Air is the world’s most aero-efficient luxury car – thanks to its long, low shape and rounded corners – with a drag coefficient of just 0.21. With a top speed of 235mph and a quarter-mile time of 9.9 seconds, it is also the fastest electric vehicle so far.

It should also be the fastest charging; able to charge at rates of up to 20 miles per minute when connected to a DC fast charging network. Lucid claims this will mean the potential to add 300 miles of range to the car in just 20 minutes in real-world use.

The car has been designed to be especially spacious inside by ensuring the car’s motors and powertrain are designed to take up minimal space; maximising the size of the cabin and reclaiming the space for passengers.

“The Lucid brand was created with a progressive, post-luxury mindset ideally suited to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the most progressive buyers,” said Derek Jenkins, VP of Design, Lucid Motors. “We are heading into a future where conscious consumers see sustainability, advanced design, and technical innovation as equally important to more traditional luxury values of quality and craftsmanship,. We consider Lucid to be at the forefront in a shift in consumer preferences toward new brands that offer direct relationships alongside products featuring entirely new levels of technology, performance, and design.”

Inside the car is a 34-inch curved Glass Cockpit 5K display that “floats” above the dashboard and a retractable central ‘Pilot Panel’ to control of the vehicle’s systems and functions which incorporates Google’s Alexa for voice control of navigation, phone, streaming media, smart home control and to-do lists, as well as heating and ventilation. The car has the largest boot of any electric car and features clever bi-level storage areas in the front and rear.

“Lucid Motors is driven to make the electric car better, and by doing so, help move the entire industry forward towards accelerated adoption of sustainable mobility,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors. “The goal of this relentless approach to developing the world’s most advanced electric vehicle is to benefit all mankind with sustainable, zero emission transportation, and to also attract new customers to the world of EVs.

“With the Lucid Air, we have created a halo car for the entire industry, one which shows the advancements that are possible by pushing the boundaries of EV technology and performance to new levels.”

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