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Google to run on carbon-free energy by 2030

Google has announced one of the most ambitious environmental pledges thus far. The tech leviathan is to ensure that its global operations run on carbon-free energy by 2030.

The announcement was made by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and parent company Alphabet, in a video released yesterday.

Google plans to invest in reforestation projects and invest in other carbon-reduction strategies.

In the video Pichai says the commitment to 24/7 carbon-free energy is “our biggest sustainability moonshot yet, with enormous practical and technical complexity…We are the first major company that’s set out to do this, and we aim to be the first to achieve it.”

“We’ll do things like pairing wind and solar power sources together and increasing our use of battery storage…And we’re working on ways to apply AI [artificial intelligence] to optimise our electricity demand and forecasting.”

The company has been carbon-neutral every year since 2007 and has recently financed the construction of renewable wind and solar facilities for its own energy use.

At the same time, the tech giant announced it has now purchased enough carbon offsets to cancel out all of its carbon dioxide emissions since it began operating in 1998; making it the first major company to effectively eliminate its entire carbon legacy footprint.

The announcement comes after a number of similar pledges this year. Microsoft has plans to become carbon negative by 2030 and Apple has set out plans to become carbon neutral by 2030 across its entire business including all of its supply chain.

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