Volvo air technology

Volvo’s tech is a breath of fresh air

Volvo has introduced air quality technology that can clean the air of PM 2.5 particulates so that people will only ever breathe clean and healthy air inside its cars.

The Advanced Air Cleaner technology incorporates a sensor that measures PM 2.5 levels inside the cabin before cleaning out fine particulate matters from the car. PM2.5 suspended particles entering from the outside are ionized then captured by the high-tech multifilter. If the air outside is too dirty, the external air supply is automatically stopped; instead the car recircuates and purifies the interior cabin air instead. Using this combination of synthetic fibre-based filter and ionisation, up to 95 per cent of all PM 2.5 particles are kept out of the cabin.

Volvo claims cleaner air inside the car limits any adverse health effects associated with air pollution and fine particulates. It can also make for safer driving, as healthy and fresh air can help boost driver concentration.

The technology is available on all new 90 and 60 Series Volvo models.

Drivers can view air pollution information on the central display of the car’s Sensus on-board system. Should they want to, drivers can even compare air quality inside the cabin to that outside of the car.

By using the Volvo On Call smartphone app drivers can schedule cleaning of the cabin air ahead of their journey before measuring PM2.5 levels inside the cabin.

Indicating the amount of fine particulate matters in the air, PM 2.5 is a widely-used measure for air quality. Around the world, hundreds of cities suffer from PM 2.5 values that exceed World Health Organisation’s recommended levels affecting millions of people.

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