Rosberg X Racing affirms dedication to sustainable works

Led by former Formula One champion Nico Rosberg, Team Rosberg X Racing is confirming its place as a champion of sustainability, through the Driven by Purpose campaign and much more.

Speaking at an event in Neustadt, Germany, Mr Rosberg spoke with Nanette Braun, Head of Communications Campaigns at the United Nations, confirming that not only would the team be pursuing its Driven by Purpose campaign – it would also be signing up to the UN’s Sports for Climate Action Framework.

Contribution is a human need… So I made a promise to myself that, as an entrepreneur, I would focus on that and I want to be driven by purpose.

– Nico Rosberg

Driven by clear purpose

Mr Rosberg was speaking with Nannette Braun in a special interview conducted in concert with the UN relating to the role of sport in aiding sustainability. Signing up to the Sports for Climate Action Framework allows Team Rosberg X Racing to join Extreme E and 240 other signatories in following five key principles, which are as follows:

+ Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility

+ Reduce overall climate impact

+ Educate for climate action

+ Promote sustainable and responsible consumption

+ Advocate for climate action through communication

In his interview, Mr Rosberg said: “Rosberg X Racing isn’t just about racing: we exist to succeed in competition as we do in raising awareness and inspiring action in the fight against climate change”.

He continued, adding: “I’m proud to be leading a team which continues to place sustainability at the heart of everything it does and together with our partners, we look forward to continuing to be a leading force for good in the fight against climate change and in championing diversity and equality.”

The Driven by Purpose campaign is now officially launched and is already seeing Team Rosberg X Racing supporting sustainability through off-track projects as part of its role as one of the teams competing in the inaugural season of Extreme E in 2021.

Insights in the field

In late May 2021, while the Extreme E Ocean X Prix was in full swing for Team Rosberg X Racing and its rivals, Volta Future Positive was given the privilege of sitting down with Nico Rosberg himself for a conversation about Driven by Purpose.

“Contribution is a human need”, Mr Rosberg told us, “So I made a promise to myself that, as an entrepreneur, I would focus on that and I want to be driven by purpose.”

Sports as a whole could be such a powerful vehicle to drive change, the used potential is not even one per cent at present.

– Nico Rosberg

As a shareholder in Formula E, Nico Rosberg got involved in Extreme E as soon as possible, telling us: “I always loved the idea of combining being so purpose-driven and then combining the racing. You have the fighting for wins and then you have the purpose at the same time; the social causes that we are supporting.”

Not only were Team Rosberg X Racing taking part in the mangrove planting and other well-publicised initiatives under the Extreme E umbrella. “We as a team also have our own initiatives”, he added, telling us about how his team have been supporting the work done by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The Foundation are, in turn, supporting a charity called ‘Action contre la faim’ (Action Against Hunger).

This specific project they are assisting involves helping ensure data-gathering from satellites to help map the shifts in biomass across open land stretching from Senegal all the way to Tangiers. The data is transmitted to farmers via radio signals, allowing them to decide where is best to take their livestock, so as to find safe, green pastures and to help avoid droughts.

“Sports as a whole could be such a powerful vehicle to drive change, the used potential is not even one per cent at present”, Mr Rosberg claimed. Initiatives such as Driven by Purpose, the work done on the ground in Senegal and signing up to the Sports for Climate Action Framework all demonstrate that Mr Rosberg and his colleagues intend to push the boundaries. Sport, which attracts some of the largest audiences in the world, is transitioning into a force to achieve something truly world-changing, in the fight against climate change.

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