Extreme E awarded Sustainability title at Leaders Sports Awards

Extreme E knows a thing or two about dishing out awards, but now finds itself on the receiving end of an award of its own, for bringing about meaningful change to sports.

Extreme E’s inaugural season of electric motorsports races is not over yet, but it is already receiving an accolade for making its mark on the field of sports at large. With electrified paddocks and top-of-the-range Odyssey 21 SUVs racing all over the world so far this year, Extreme E has been recognised as having made an outstanding contribution to promoting sustainability.

This is just the start of the journey and there is far more to come yet

– Julia Fry, Head of Communications, Extreme E

The Leaders Sports Awards takes note of entries which it deems to have made waves in sports during the last year, and Extreme E was the hands-down winner when it came to the choices for the Sustainability award, for its outstanding work through electric racing through exciting events and mindful eco-minded projects.

Just the beginning

Speaking on behalf of Extreme E, Julia Fry, Head of Communications, said: “We are delighted to win this accolade from Leaders Sports, an organisation which recognises the strongest players in the industry. As our first award, in our inaugural season this will always be very special, and we are honoured to receive this huge endorsement for our efforts to create the most sustainable motorsport championship possible.”

Extreme E has made headlines across the world, with its own unique take on running a multi-venue racing event with a more sustainable modus operandi. From using cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells and resorting to using the St Helena as a low-carbon alternative to ship equipment from venue to venue, Extreme E has truly changed the conversation.

Not only have the races attracted a lot of buzz in the last few months, but Extreme E has underlined its approach to racing with a series of Legacy Programmes in each country hosting the different racing events. From planting mangroves in Senegal to capture carbon or supporting turtle conservation in the Red Sea, Extreme E wants to do more than race around the world; it wants to leave a positive mark on the world, but the best is further down the road.

Looking to the future, Julia Fry commented: “This is just the start of the journey and there is far more to come yet.”

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