Vegan food just got filthy

Having celebrated World Vegan Day, we decided to spice up our food with some Vegan Filth! Vegan Filth is a vegan junk food traveling food truck and caterer with delicious food, raunchy meal names, and overflowing with personality. We sat down with Natasha, the owner of Vegan Filth to get the low-down on her successful plant-based eatery.

Natasha opened Vegan Filth in June of 2020, during the first UK lockdown. She had just finished her first year of university studying social work when she decided to leave and start working on her real passion – cooking delicious vegan food!

Vegan Filth is a vegan food van that caters festivals, weddings, and delivers to the people of South Wales. Specialising in vegan junk food, it is famous for their delicious, plant-based meals with filthy-sounding names.

Mischievous Meals

Other than standing out for being a 100% plant-based business, Vegan Filth stands out for more cheeky reasons. Their menu is 18+ due to their raunchy menu item names.

Their most popular dish is a loaded burger naughtily named ‘The Beefy B****’. Other crowd favourites are ‘Kinky Kebab’ and ‘The Cheezy Sleaze’.

Natasha loves their names and thinks it fits in well with their junk food theme and their company values. “It makes people laugh…our vibe of it all really is don’t take yourself too seriously. Just have a burger!”

The Vegan Difference

So why vegan? Natasha has been a vegan herself for about 6 or 7 years, but has been vegetarian from a young age. “I had been vegetarian since I was about 8 so it has sort of always been in my bones”

Natasha cares deeply about animals and tries to be as environmentally friendly as she can. Natasha minimises her waste by making as much as she can from scratch and ensuring her takeaway materials are biodegradable. She is also passionate about the environmental benefits of cutting back your meat intake.

The benefits of eating less meat on the environment is undeniable. For a comparison, a person following a vegan lifestyle produces 50% less carbon dioxide than a meat-eater.

However, you don’t have to completely eliminate meat from your diet to make small changes. Going meat free one day a week can reduce your personal carbon footprint. This trend of a ‘flexitarian’ diet is on the rise, with 1 in 5 UK adults claiming to reduce their meat intake one or more days a week. Natasha has definitely seen a mix of eaters buying her food, with about half being regular meat-eaters. She takes that as an opportunity to show them how delicious vegan food is. “I feel like that is the biggest accomplishment is meat-eaters coming to try my food. I love that.”

A Filthy Future

Vegan Filth have had lots of support from their cult following of customers, and that’s what excites Natasha the most. “Your biggest support isn’t your friends and family. It’s strangers who are really rooting for you and I love that. That side of it is just so cool.”

Thanks to Natasha and her team’s hard work and the support from their ‘Filth fans’ the future is looking positively filthy for Vegan Filth! Natasha has just agreed to opening a dark kitchen over the next 3 months in Jack Murphy’s on Wind Street in Swansea. There she is hoping to share her delicious plant-based meals with a whole new crowd and show people how amazing her vegan food is!

Follow Natasha and her team along on socials to see their filthy creations!

Instagram: @vegan_filth
Facebook: @VeganFilth

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