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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes in Extreme E

With a population of roughly 56,000, Greenland’s people could easily find a seat for themselves at Wembley Stadium with plenty of room to spare.

At an event in Neustadt, Germany, Team Rosberg X Racing affirmed that it was committed to sustainable causes through recent actions.

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Science & Tech

Extreme E Science & Technology

Biodegradable plastic isn’t just wishful thinking; it’s a reality, all thanks to the work of Polymateria, through their LyfeCycle plastic products.

Tires are the essential components vehicles of all shapes and sizes need to get their wheels going on the road. Learn what Continental is doing in the world of EVs.


Extreme E

Extreme E: Disrupting the motorsport world

Extreme E is a radical new off-road racing series, founded by Alejandro Agag, the same visionary behind Formula E, which showcases electric SUVs and futuristic technologies in some of the world’s most remote and challenging environments. The first sport to ever be built out of a social purpose, Extreme E aims to minimise environmental impact while maximising awareness, racing in places that have already been damaged or affected by climate change or human interference and taking fans deep into the heart of the most pressing issues facing our planet’s future.

Working in collaboration with the Extreme E team, we explore the behind the scene action, science and technology as well as legacy programmes through interviews with the racing drivers, scientists and partnered projects as well as deep dives, articles, news stories, podcasts, videos and competitions.