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Spotlight - Transport

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Spotlight - Environment

Mangroves are phenomenally good stores of carbon, so Extreme E is helping plant a million of them in Sine-Saloum, Senegal.

Made from colonies of small organisms, coral reefs are some of the most beautiful, vulnerable yet enormous structures found in nature.

Former Silicon Valley CEO now planting trees as 'an ideal solution to climate change'

Online juggernaut Amazon is planning to strengthen its climate initiatives by funding them via a $1 billion green bond.

Spotlight - Lifestyle

Lockdown has kept us all from getting a much-needed haircut, but did you know what the Green Salon Collective is up to?

Travel abroad could prove beyond our reach for the time being, but there are greener, cheaper ways to enjoy a holiday closer to home.

As a famous TV and film character once said, “It ain’t easy being green”, but what about the film industry? Learn what it is doing to limit its impact today.

Easter celebrates a time of rebirth, and many of us will be planning to scoff on chocolate eggs. But which ones are the most ethically-made, and why?

Spotlight - People

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Spotlight - Renewables

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but it has to be stored somewhere before we use it. Old mines could be suitable venues for doing this.

Over 2020, the UK has gone for gold and taken the top spot in wind power generation across the G20, while limiting the need for coal power.

Unlike many renewable sources of power, the generation of geothermal energy is restricted to a select few places on the planet. Let’s dive into the power of the Earth itself.

The recent spring budget included an important update to the Bank of England’s remit, including the need to aid the transition to net zero carbon emissions.

Spotlight - Science & Technology

Tires are the essential components vehicles of all shapes and sizes need to get their wheels going on the road. Learn what Continental is doing in the world of EVs.

The Dutch are having something of a new tulip mania, with a business proposing tulip-shaped vertical wind turbines.

Poaching is a growing threat to wildlife around the world, but CAKE aims to help anti-poaching authorities stamp out the practice.

A firm specialising in nuclear fusion claims to have made a breakthrough in achieving high-temperature plasma.